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Heat Exchanger Plate Cleaning Services

Heat Exchanger Plate Cleaning is a new process that CEP has implemented in 2022. We clean the plates as much as possible using a combination of a dip process with cleaning chemicals and pressure washing. Heat exchange plate usually made of titanium or stainless steel come to us soiled from whatever they might have been heating/cooling. Multiple industries including food, Ag, automotive, and industrial manufacturing all have various liquids that need to be heated or cooled using a heat exchanger. We are capable of cleaning nearly all types of soiled plates including animal fats, hydraulic fluids, fruit and vegetable debris, and many other chemicals that may need to be removed from these plates. Process capabilities 90″L x 46″W x 47″H.

The cleaning line is primarily used for cleaning soiled heat exchanger plate made from stainless steel or titanium. The cleaning process can remove dirt grease oil food residue as well as many other surface contaminants.

Metal Substrate

Stainless Steel / Titanium

Service Characteristics

Removal of soils from surface of heat plates

Equipment used

Racks / hoist

Post operation

Plate Cleaning

Testing capabilities

Cleaning solution concentration

Tank Size

W48” x D47” x L95”

Part weight

up to 1000 lbs

Additional Services

Packing / Delivery

Production Volume

Prototype to large scale

Lead time

2/3 days , rush available



Industry focus

heat exchange refurbishing

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