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Masking & Selective Plating Services

Masking also known as ” selective plating ” is an added value service that CEP provides. This process allows you to ” select ” an area on a part that you want to prevent plating on due to critical tolerances or for other functioning reasons, and yet still plate the rest of the part to meet the required spec. An example of this would be external threads which are often masked in heavier deposit plating applications to prevent the oversizing of the threads. Other examples of masking are the plugging of blind holes to prevent entrapped solutions, masking areas that need to be welded post plate, and or parts that have very tight tolerances on mating parts like bearings and shafts.

At CEP, we offer a wide variety of ways to mask parts, peelable maskants / paints, specialized plating tapes, plugs, and caps. Custom racking and masking are available. At CEP we have over 65 years of plating knowledge and experience. Let our team help your team come up with the best solutions and best practices for your parts!