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Zinc Rack & Barrel Plating Services

Commercial Electro Plating provides zinc rack and barrel plating services which apply the highest quality durable finishes to your steel, brass, and copper parts. Zinc plating is a proven process used to combat corrosion and rust while also providing an attractive finish. Our processing lines are designed to deliver consistent results in both low and high volume production runs.

Our zinc rack lines offer capacities to 156″L x 30″W x 50″T while our zinc barrels measure 18″ in diameter and 36″ long, giving us the ability to handle both large and small parts with ease. Post-plate operations include application of a variety of finishes, such as clear or gold RoHs compliant finishes to yellow trivalent chromium, as well as traditional black and gold hexavalent chromates. We also have a post chromate operation, Ultraseal, which is a topcoat sealant that adds to corrosion protection to the part.

Commercial Plating can Zinc Plate to ASTM B633, QQ-Z-325B, and ASTM F1941 for fasteners.

CEP can also POST BAKE your plated parts for Relief of Hydrogen Embrittlement per ASTM B850. Examples of parts that may require this process are springs, bolts, screws, nuts, and or any other parts that may require baking after electroplating. Metals are porous and minor amounts of hydrogen can be trapped in the pores of the part during the plating process. This hydrogen needs to be released so premature failure does not happen under load. The material type will determine how long the bake needs to be as well as how hot the parts will need to be baked.

To learn more about all our capabilities, see the table below, or contact us directly.

Zinc Rack & Barrel Plating Capabilities

Plating Material




Plating Characteristics

Rust Resistant
Corrosion Resistant
Appearance Improvement




Postplate Operations
  • Black, Gold Iridite Hexavalent
  • Clear / Blue Trivalent, Yellow Trivalent (RoHS Compliant)

Baking for Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief

Testing Ability

Analytical (Baths)

Zinc Rack Length

Capabilities Up to 156″

Zinc Rack Width

Capabilities Up 30″

Zinc Rack Height

Capabilities Up to 48″

Zinc Barrel Dia

18″ Maximum Diameter of Part to Process is 1″

Zinc Barrel Length

Maximum Length of Part to Process is 12

Part Weight Rack 450 lb. per part max

1 to 10,000 lb.

Additional Services


Production Volume

Prototype to Large Scale Production Volume Runs

Typical Lead Time

2 to 3 days
Rush Services Available

ASTM 633-B-Zinc Electroplating

Type I

No Chromate after Plating

Type II

Colored Chromate after Plating (Gold or Black)

Type V

Colorless Passivate after Plating (Clear)

Type VI

Colored Passivate after Plating (Yellow)
RoHS Compliant

Class sc 4

fe/zn 25 = .001 in

Class sc 3

fe/zn 13 = .0005 in

Class sc 2

fe/zn 8 = .0003 in

Class sc 1

fe/zn 5 = .0002 in


A Clear Seal that Adds Corrosion Protection

Military QQ-Z-325B

Type I

No Chromate after Plating

Type II

Colored Passivate after Plating (Gold or Black)

Type III

Phosphate Treatment

Class I

.001 in

Class II

.0005 in

Class III

.0002 in

Additional Information

Industry Focus

Metal Fabrication
Machine Shops
Automotive Suppliers

Intended Application

Sheet Metal


Industry Standards

ASTM 633-B Zinc Electroplating
ASTM B 850-98 Hydrogen Embrittlement
Military QQ-Z-325B

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